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Petra Rolander
CEO, Lion and Rock

I’ve been helping senior professionals, executives and entrepreneurs find their zone of genius and significantly scale their development and growth for over 20 years.

I know firsthand what can happen when business potential connects, resonates and grows with individuals, teams and leaders with the work they do and/or the organization’s mission.

There’s a lot of power in aligning business growth and mission and when the right people focus on the most important things. Business expansion combined with leaders and employees that are “feel good, are on board and get it” will deliver beyond your expectations.
On the other hand, there are quite a few organizations that seem to have lost some of this traction, expansion and team engagement. It might come out as lower margins, higher turnover costs and missed business opportunities.
It can also show up as business restructuring, loss of clients, conflicts in the workplace and lack of communication which can be very costly.
At this stage, it’s not uncommon for more employees at all levels, even key employees, to get “shiny object syndrome” or think that the grass is greener on the other side and consider leaving.

This is WHY the framework the Masterpiece Portfolio was created.

The framework will help you to: 

  • Identify and understand your key team members
  • Help leaders to really lead
  • Rediscover your organization
  • Enable your employees to come together toward your business goals
  • Find and evaluate hidden costs
  • Empower your organization to move away from the struggle for work/life balance and focus on a more accomplished perspective: work/ life harmony
  • Improve communication and focus on what’s important for your business
  • Build a culture where people stay connected and vibrant to the organizational mission

The framework will address:

  • Employees and managers that focus on their own agenda instead of what’s best for your company
  • Employees that can’t, or won’t, see beyond their basic or original work description
  • People who have lost their WHY and overall motivation- and how to evaluate and deal with this in an efficient manner
  • Ineffective teams
  • Sales below expectations
  • Segregated, self-serving organizational silos
  • Managers that simply manage and don’t lead
  • High turnover costs
  • Low engagement- which significantly affects your profitability, growth of your business, and other KPI:s
  • Lack of engagement

Which will give you as a business owner:

  • Leaders and employees that know and aren’t just guessing what they´re really good at AND that can convey that to others
  • People who know their co-workers and team members even better- so they can complement and learn from each other more
  • A vibrant and engaged organization that understands how they create value and growth for the clients, organization- and themselves
  • HIgher degree of well calibrated, met and over delivered KPI’s
  • An organization that looks beyond the old-school paradigm of logical intelligence, and instead focuses on long-term growth, connection and profitability on a financial and development scale
  • Leaders that are proactive, in tune with- and actively work on: business objectives, their teams, business areas and their own strengths
  • An organization that adapts significantly faster to market change than a traditional siloed competitors
  • Teams move faster- they assess, evaluate and seize opportunities in new, existing, or changing client situation
  • An edge in creating an employer branding strategy based on the future, rather than the immediate needs (that needed to be solved yesterday)
  • People will support and co-create your overall business mission

Invest in your business and the future: connect business profitability with the Masterpiece Portfolio TODAY!


You are in charge of your business and the growth you’ve envisioned.
The Masterpiece Portfolio will help you move faster towards your goals!

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