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Strategic framework for higher profits?


Strategic framework for higher profits?


The real needle movers in today’s rapidly changing marketplace are organizations that move slightly faster than their competition. The ability to combine front-end strategies with fast implementation is a major advantage.

But how do you make it happen?

Through having highly engaged and qualified teams and leaders that understand both your business and themselves.They feel aligned with your business.

But how do you communicate your business goals and strategies in a way that enables a better delivery?

Is there a way to connect even more with your key team members?

How do you continually align them with the overall business strategies?

Is there a solution to building, continually invest in, and keeping strong, highly effective teams?

YES! The framework the Masterpiece Portfolio combines proven strategies, tools and perspectives.

They are connected to both overarching goals and business objectives as well as making things happen practically. Through looking at the HOW, WHY and WHERE, we get moving to see shifts in your business- FAST!

I get it.

You want to see expansion, new opportunities, and higher profitability.

You take pride in what you’ve accomplished so far.

But you can feel that there’s a lot more that could be done to scale, move faster and to see the results that you deserve.

You need an organization that will take your success to a whole new level by engaging, doing more of the right tasks and is willing to pull up their sleeves.

Where people proudly build knowledge, are aware of how to create value and scale up their level of expertise.

This will provide your business with a significant strategic advantage.

Where can you start?

… Evaluate each of your team player’s talents and skills with them TODAY
… Establish how each employee can contribute and create value
… Help them define work/life harmony that will boost their mindset, productivity and CONNECTION to each other and your business goals
… Decipher the keys to make your teams more agile- and what that means
… Learn how people’s differences can work for- and not against you
… Create strategies to meet the needs of your clients AND your business quicker
… Teach your leaders how to be less reactive and more focused on leading
… Identify game-changing opportunities can help your key team members stay on longer
— Teach your leaders and team members HOW to think and view the business goals and what they contribute

The Masterpiece Portfolio helps you assess and scale your business with effectiveness and engagement- from ALL levels!

Let me ask you: What strategy and which daily actions do you consistently do to achieve results that serve your business today- AND tomorrow?

Today, your bottom line and business growth are in direct correlation with your ability to meet customers need both reactively- and proactively.
Since 80% of all buying decisions rely on emotion, most clients make a buying decision based on how it feels today and if it *feels right* to give you more opportunities to serve them.

What would that mean for your business growth to improve this part of the customer experience?

Often, objections are raised towards this perspective. In the old world, actually meaning just a few years back, we often had more time to make impressions with our clients. Today, that window of opportunity decreases because of all the other impressions and decisions a client needs to make every day. So with a minimal timeframe as to where you can show them what you do best, what does it all boil down to?

In most circumstances, determined by how they feel that you show up for them. Your clients don’t only view your current delivery, but a major contributing factor is how they perceive your team members and their performance.
Through running a business that has an engaged workplace culture, from investing in hiring the right people and keeping them, a vibrant/ engaged business development department that acts decisively on new opportunities.

The Masterpiece Portfolio is a modern framework that is focused on strategy, scalability and growth.  

Self Understanding

Unlocking your team’s potential starts with understanding and zoning in on what people are good at. The Masterpiece Portfolio gives you the tools and resources to unearth the strengths and natural abilities of leaders and employees. You’ll learn together how they can best create value in a highly competitive and rapidly moving marketplace.

Life/ Work/Business Harmony

Life/ work balance is a MYTH.Creating harmony allows your team members to be more open with each other, increases self-understanding, creates clarity, and builds team spirit.
It’s an ongoing journey that means evaluating, making changes and addressing the needs of both life and work.

It also means challenging current structures, roles and what that means as a cost in lost opportunities. When people are not putting their best talent to use- it means it’s costing you money!  Through doing this work, you’ll enable people to unlock a key feature which will contribute to business growth more than anything: faster moving and competent teams.

Growth, Talent, And Work Alignment

The Golden Triangle in business today needs to encompass activities, strategies and the right people (at the right place, at the right time, with the right focal points).
Growth, that is sustainable and scalable, will on many variables be dependent on the leaders and how they lead. Having a business that relies on managing is in trouble- easy but short-sighted.
Being a leader and having a culture that encourages leadership is an entirely different conversation.
It’s critical to take this area seriously and invest in having leaders that are not focusing on putting out fires or micromanaging. Instead, they are believable as role models, inspire and instruct their team members as well as navigating both business and organizational development.
Now, key team members (about 25- 40% of your organization) that stay on an additional year in your employment create approximately 1.3M USD surplus.
PLUS you’re saving $20,000 to $30,000 USD – if not more – by 
not recruiting or training someone new.
A well-trained, confident, happy team SAVES AND CREATES better results by becoming proficient in their roles. This MAKES you money by increased sales and output.


The Masterpiece Portfolio is for the organization who wants to to:

  • Understand the strengths and skillsets in teams and as people
  • Increase business growth through connecting teams and leaders to the overall business goals and objectives
  • Show teams how they can create more value AND work better together
  • Engage with people (both in their team and with clients) on a genuine level of support and collaboration
  • Create a culture that’s welcoming and inclusive, recognizing both achievement, and improved ROI, ambitions AND potential
  • Recognize modern leadership that embraces diversity and T- shaped expertise for a sustained growth and client relationship development  

Petra Rolander
CEO, Lion and Rock

I’ve been helping senior professionals, executives and entrepreneurs find their next level in business for the last 20 years.

I know firsthand how POWERFUL it is when business potential and growth connects well with engaged and highly skilled professionals.

This is WHY the Masterpiece Portfolio can help you!
A modern, overarching framework that will:

  • Empower your organization
  • Enable your employees to move together toward your business goals
  • Identify opportunities to scale your business more effectively
  • Help leaders to really lead
  • Leave behind the struggle for work/life balance and find work/ life harmony instead
  • Help you identify and understand your key team members
  • Provide opportunities for a culture where people stay connected and vibrant to the organizational mission

Deal effectively with:

  • People are who mostly focused on their own agenda- not the business objectives
  • Employees that won’t see beyond their current work description
  • Low team effectiveness and slow sales
  • Segregated, self-serving silos
  • Managers that aren’t suitable to lead
  • High turnover costs
  • Low engagement as tied into profitability and KPI’s
  • People who aren’t themselves at work 

Is your organization committed to business growth in combination with an overall strategy and keeping the right people?

Ensure your organization stays
ahead of your competition
with the Masterpiece Portfolio!

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